The outbound call centre

A personalised and individual approach

Every person is an individual. People can hardly be put into same baskets or predetermined scenarios.

We’ve all heard about the sins of telephone marketing, like not listening to customers, failing to motivate the person you are talking to or even endlessly citing your learned lines in robotic fashion. Fail to recognise these mistakes and you will never have a genuine relationship with your customers – your call will sound impersonal and could even sound like harrasment. And that is something that you surely don’t wish, because every customer is precious and you should never close the door on anyone!

A successful operator is firstly a psychologist, who can begin by asking good questions to determine what the person on the other side needs. A successful operator is a communicator, who knows how to present your offer in a way that is suitable for everyone. And at the end of the day a successful operator is a seller, which means that they can actually sell the product and the customer will be satisfied with the purchase, and is eagerly waiting for ordered products even after they hang up.

Verus outbound call centre successfully manages campaigns with as many as 25,000 addresses. Thanks to our specialist know-how developed over the years, we reach a high level of responsiveness.

A fast track to new contacts

Our agents in the outbound call centre know how to ask the correct questions, judge the customers’ needs, understand the customer, present the offer and at the end naturally sell it. The quality of the call centre is guaranteed with regular operator training in different fields and always with a professional approach.

In the outbound call centre we can carry out any of these services:

  • Arranging terms,
  • Mystery shopping,
  • Telephone sales,
  • Reactivation of customers,
  • Market research and surveys,
  • Data gathering and updating the database,
  • Creating telephone scenarios and sales letters, 
  • Sending e-mails or SMS messages,
  • Follow-up actions and satisfaction analysis,
  • Cold-calling actions,
  • Welcome calling.

We are prepared for your B2B and B2C campaigns. Together we design the goals of your campaign, a calling scenario and the content of your report. Our online client interface allows you to monitor your campaign 24/7.

Our call centre will help you develop good relationships with your customers.


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