Sales promotion & promotions

Just putting your product on the shelf is not nearly enough! 

Customers need to be constantly reminded of your product and that your product is the most suitable for them. More than half of customers usually need first to touch, taste and experience your product before they are ready to purchase. Especially if the product or service is a novelty, since people are usually loyal to the products they buy. If you are in a situation where you are losing clients or your sales revenue is decreasing, something needs to be done quickly.

The solution to these problems is PROMOTIONS and TASTINGS on sale points and other sales promotion activities that will bring in more customers and increase the consumption of existing customers.

Equipment of Point od sale

Everything in your store communicates. When a customer enters your point of sale, it depends on the image, organisation, communications and the sales representative as to whether the customer will return.

Acquiring new customers

Prize games, tastings, coupons, demonstrations ... Every promotion is a challenge to gain more contacts and build a bridge between the hearts and minds of your potential customers.

Increasing the consumption of existing customers

With the production of your first invoice the relationship with your customers has just begun. Do the thinking for them and motivate them to make another purchase by making special offers, tastings, counselling at sale points, rewarding quizzes… and most of all reward your customers for their loyalty and trust!

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