Advertising and public relations

Visible. Likeable. Just yours … with a big dose of your personality!

Ask yourself, how many people per day do you tell what you are doing, and that you are doing it well? If you don’t do this, who will? To succeed you need to be DISTINGUISHABLE, VISIBLE and RECOGNISABLE; be able to take the initiative and have a strong story of who you are and what you represent.

Your story

An advertising campaign can create a compelling story. Unique, eye-catching and creative, and giving the customer clear reasons to choose your product. Just working on the branding is not nearly enough. Everyone in the company, all your customers and the target audience must know your values, what you represent and who you are. The customer must identify with the solution you are offering. Only then will your advertisement sell.

A great advertisement is not necessarily the one everybody talks about for being creative and ingenious. A great advertisement is the one where everybody knows which product is being advertised and from which the company advertising benefits the most.

Combine more communication channels

To convince someone to make a commitment to buy, your message or advertisement must be viewed at least 8 to 9 times. If you want to reach large numbers of possible customers you would never advertise using only one communication channel. At VERUS we successfully combine press, TV and online advertising, and digital marketing.

Public relations

News is definitely read more than advertising. Trust in your mission and actions. Believe that by conducting your business you contribute to the local community and the environment you work in. Today, it is important to create positive news for successful marketing communications. And your customers definitely appreciate social responsibility. With precisely executed public relation campaigns we can help you to build credibility in the eyes of your target audience.

We prepare:

  • media database with contacts,
  • press releases, 
  • press kit, 
  • organise a press conference,
  • internal and external PR newspapers,
  • presentations and promotional films.

Our projects

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