Inbound call centre

To approach every customer compassionately, by understanding them and by asking the right questions to discover their needs and satisfying those needs... All can be done in just a few minutes on the phone. That counts for real progress in customer relations!

Real customer service is not something you learn at school. It comes from years of experience, thousands of calls monthly, getting to know different types of personalities and developing a real approach to every individual.

Verus inbound call centre takes care of 8,000 calls from customers per month. We are incredibly successful at resolving complaints and retaining customers.

We manage your calls

Every personal connection with the customer, even if it is a complaint, is a chance for you to get to know your customer and further bond them with your brand on an emotional level. With a professional call centre, experienced operators and years of practice, we can help you:

  • Develop your customer service, 
  • Support your sales when increased workload, 
  • Receive calls from your customer (even outside of your working schedule),
  • Registrations for seminars and events.

Furthermore, we can offer a complete customer service system, from handling mail to requests for solving reimbursement. We also take care of coaching and teaching your own call centre.

Avoid fixed costs and hire us, an external customer service!


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